Bromley, UK.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

Thank you for visiting the FAQ section of our site, here you will find some questions that might relate to your interest, However this section is constantly updated to ensure quality customer service delivery.

No because all our equipment are compact and mobile so we could get your car cleaned without being parked close to your vehicle giving more convenience.

No though we make use of the best quality of All purpose cleaner in the industry where applicable , however we use specific products for each parts of the vehicle.

Mistakes and accidents do occur in all life’s work as well as in the process of car washing, however our personnel are highly experienced risk management team to give your peace of mind.We are also fully insured.

Yes, we use the most innovative power washer that uses the least ounce of water, we also have wash mats where there’s high restrictions. We can wash your car anyway without degrading the environment.

We know by experience and research that South East London has very high mineral water so we use filtered water to give your car a spotless clean.