Bromley, UK.


View Our Service List Breakdown In Details, This Section Is Constantly Updated.
We offer both Car wash/Detailing service, as well as Home/Office cleaning service.


Services Car Types Details Discounts
Exterior Wash Small Car £15;

Large Car £20

  • Exterior hand wash of car panels
  • Wheel rims
  • External windows & mirrors
  • Bumpers
  • Doors
  • Blacklustrous tyres & wheels.
None table-ico-1
Exterior & Interior Wash Small Car £25;

Large Car £30

  • As exterior wash plus
  • Interior windows & mirror cleaned
  • Dashboard & vents
  • Carpets & mats
  • Doors cleaned.
None table-ico-1
Car Spa Package Small Car £40;

Large Car £45

  • Hand wash with de-ionised water
  • Lower panels degreased
  • Door shuts cleaned
  • Glass, Mirror and Windscreen cleaned/polished
  • Tyres & Bumpers, Chrome redressed
  • Deep wheel clean and exhaust tip polish
  • Fuel Compartment wiped
  • Hand/Machine polish
None table-ico-1
Interior Car Valet Spa Small Car £50;

Large Car £55

  • Interior vacuumed and washed
  • Controls & vents cleaned
  • Windows mirrors and windscreen cleaned
  • Interior panels, doors and dashboard
  • Carpet vapour steamed, shampooed & deodorised
  • Leather cleaned, moisturised and protected, Seats conditioned & treated
  • Boots cleaned.
None table-ico-1
Full Car Valet Small Car £85;

Large Car £95

  • Sparkly wash with de-ionised water
  • Hand polish
  • Wheels cleaned
  • Doors shuts cleaned
  • Windows, windscreen and mirrors crystal cleaned
  • Interior vacuumed, dusted and buffed
  • Tyres & bumpers redressed
  • Interior panels cleaned
  • Upholstered seats & carpets steam shampooed & deodorised
  • Leather washed, steamed, and polished
  • Boot deep cleaned and exhaust tip polished
  • Fuel Compartment cleaned
  • Engine conservative.

Note: MVP and 4*4 extra charged from £20 and £30 respectively.

None table-ico-1
Detailing Services All Cars; From £25
  • Scratch removal
  • Colour restoration
  • Chrome restoration
  • Rust care
  • Clay bar etc.
  • Exterior and interior winter protection
  • Odour removal
  • Soft hood, clean and protected.
None table-ico-1


Services Price Details Discounts
Rooms From only £12/hr
  • Walls and ceiling dusted and wiped including hard to reach areas
  • Rugs vacuumed and shampooed
  • Shelves, books and magazines dusted
  • Grout lines cleaned and resealed
  • Upholstered furnishings cleaned
  • Medium tarnished surfaces cleaned
  • Floors and furniture waxed
  • Window coverings treated
  • Smoke detectors dusted
  • Bed, frames, bedding cleaned and dusted.
None table-ico-1
Living Room From only £12/hr
  • Includes rooms list opposite plus
  • Monitors, TV’s, sound systems, and computers cleaned
  • Light fixtures cleaned.
None table-ico-1
Kitchen From only £12/hr
  • Fridge, kettle, stove, toaster, oven, microwave, dishwasher cleaned
  • ceiling, light switches, cabinets, running boards, heating vents, table, chairs and fixtures cleaned
  • Extractor hood deep cleaned.
None table-ico-1
Bathroom From only £12/hr
  • Cupboard drawers cleaned and organised
  • Ceiling and light fixtures dusted and wiped
  • Windows, mirrors polished, curtains cleaned and dusted
  • Walls, tiles, ledges, and floor boards wiped down and cleaned
  • Shower, bath and frames/rails cleaned and polished
  • Toilet cleaned inside and out, bowl, brush and holder cleaned
  • Countertop, sink, and splash back panel cleaned
  • Floor vacuumed and scrubbed.
None table-ico-1

Terms & Conditions

Excessive pet hair straw and heavily soiled interior including stains need extra time carries extra charges from £20/hr.

Please provide enough space for us to have an all round access to your car for work, if you are parked in a private property you would need to provide permission for our vehicle to be parked or if you are parked in a park and display, our parking cost would be added to the price listed above. In the event of a cancellation to an agreed appointment we will need 24 hour notice. If we are unable to make an appointment due to factors beyond our control we will need to reschedule with prior notice.